Maps To SMS, When You’re Really Far Away

GPS is accessible on maximum wise phones, which is all well and brilliant unless you force out into a area with vulnerable carrier.

Unless you desire to cross into the before-time and buy a standalone GPS (and are trying to update the maps every so generally) or move even further back and print out MapQuest instructions, you’ll want another solution to get directions.

Something like this assignment which sends Google Maps instructions over SMS.
The assignment is known as RouteMe via [AhadCove].

It runs on a Raspberry Pi at his home which is continuously monitoring an email inbox. Using Google Voice to ahead incoming text messages as emails to the Pi, the equipment works while your phone has a cell phone signal nevertheless no files connection. The Pi listens for true commands in that SMS-to-Email connection and is in a position to send instructions back to the telephone by the use of text message. That’s definitely a neat hack you also can bear in mind from the olden days where you can send email as SMS employing the phone number as the address.
If you find yourself lost in the woods with simply your telephone frequently enough, [AhadCove] has all of the code and precise instructions on how to set this up on his GitHub site. But don’t bargain this particular task, anything you can script on the Pi can now be controlled via SMS without depending on a provider like Twilio.
This maps hack is a fairly inventive solution to a problem that more than a few of us have had, and it uses a lot of currently-available infrastructure to run as smartly.

If you want an alternate manner of navigating without contemporary tech, have a move at dead reckoning in a car.