Some Android GPS apps are just showing advertisements on ideal of Google Maps

A safeguard researcher with antivirus maker ESET has figured out a choice of 19 Android apps that pose as GPS packages on the other hand which do not do the rest in spite of this demonstrate advertisements on top of the valid Google Maps provider.”They allure abilities users with faux screenshots stolen from legitimate Navigation apps,” pointed out Lukas Stefanko, the ESET researcher who discovered them, who pointed out the 19 apps have been downloaded more than 50 million times.The apps “pretend to be complete featured navigation apps, but all they can do is to create useless layer between User and Google Maps app,” the researcher stated.Stefanko says that the apps don’t have any exact “navigation era” and they best “misuse Google Maps.””Once user clicks on Drive, Navigate, Route, My Location or other option, Google Maps app is opened,” Stefanko referred to.

Furthermore, one of the apps, named “Maps & GPS Navigation: Find your direction easily!,” even has the gall to request charge to remove advertisements, which or not it’s appearing on top of an already freely available service like Google Maps.The apps’ names and links, as provided by means of Stefanko to ZDNet, are:GPS Maps, Route Finder – Navigation, DirectionsGPS, Maps & NavigationGPS Route Finder – GPS, Maps, Navigation & TrafficGPS, Maps, Navigations – Area CalculatorGPS , Maps, Navigations & DirectionsMaps GPS Navigation Route Directions Location LiveLive Earth Map 2019 – Satellite View, Street ViewLive Earth Map & Satellite View, GPS TrackingTraffic Updates: GPS & NavigationFree-GPS, Maps, Navigation, Directions and TrafficVoice GPS Driving Directions, Gps Navigation, MapsGPS Live Street Map and Travel NavigationGPS Street View, Navigation & Direction MapsGPS Satellite MapsFree GPS, Maps, Navigation & DirectionsMaps & GPS Navigation: Find your path easily!Voice GPS Navigation Maps DrivingGPS Navigation & TrackerGPS Voice Navigation Maps, Speedometer & Compass
Image: Lukas Stefanko
Stefanko said he said all apps to Google’s Play Store group of workers more than a month ago. While the apps aren’t malicious, you could believe Google would be interested in removint these apps, as all holiday Google’s own Maps Platform licensing terms, which according to paragraph 3.2.4 (c), prohibits third-parties from employing the Maps platform to energy a similar service.ZDNet has sent a request for comment to Google concerning the issue raised by Stefanko these days and will update whilst we get hold of a response. The researcher also shared a video of one of the apps in action, wrapping original Google Maps functionality and pestering the user with ads.

Purpose of those apps is ad revenue (easy money).

They don’t have any Navigation technology or know-how, they most effective misuse Google Maps.Once user clicks on Drive, Navigate, Route, My Location or other option, Google Maps app is opened.I reported it month ago.— Lukas Stefanko (@LukasStefanko) January 17, 2019
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