The Best GPS Apps for Tracking, Hiking, Hunting, and Traveling Offline

GPS used to require expensive devices in spite of this now the power can be found out in our pocket. Most phones easily attach to the GPS network and exhibit your exact vicinity anyplace on the planet. Whether we’re hiking Mount Everest, Peru, or Portland, we can visit our area on a map. The handiest downside?

Getting cellular phone reception.
To get up to date maps and download counsel from the internet, our phones want to connect to a network, which is only reachable inside a range of a cell tower. We can’t send messages, we can’t use many apps, and we definitely can’t view new maps.
The solution is to download offline content. We’ve rounded up the best offline GPS apps for tracking, hiking, hunting, traveling, and the entirety in between.
Why Go Offline?

Apps and maps aren’t rather a lot use if they don’t update at the same time as you move. Many apps allow you to download maps forward of time by means of Wi-Fi or cellphone network, then use them out on the trail whilst you’re hiking. Cell reception can be spotty or non-existent in the backcountry. With the maps already loaded, you don’t need a archives network. All you require is a clear view of the sky for the GPS satellites and you’ll recognise precisely wherein you are.
That being said, too many individuals have gotten lost when their phone fails or directs them to the wrong place, so we have to mention that you should always have a backup for navigation. If the battery dies on your phone, a map and compass will at all times exhibit you the way.
Best Offline GPS Apps
Available for iOS and Android
ViewRanger is one of the easiest mapping apps out there. Plan your course beforehand and keep a music of exactly in which you went. Add geotagged photographs to your shuttle and it knows where you took them on the map. Download maps ahead of time so you don’t need to count on the cell telephone signal.
The Skyline feature introduces augmented reality to ViewRanger. Looking through the camera, it overlays mountain names, waypoints, and navigation arrows, so you understand exactly what you’re browsing at. The Premium edition gets you the 3D and augmented truth views. A range of other more exact maps for exact areas can be purchased in the app. It’s also reachable for Apple Watch and Wear OS.
Gaia GPS
Available for iOS and Android
When looking for the easiest  GPS apps online, you won’t go a few distance without tripping over Gaia GPS. With your offline maps, the loose edition of the app deals online route association and handy device sync so you can song and arrange all your adventures in one place. With the $20 membership, you can download maps anyplace in the world. The $40 Premium membership gets you get admission to to other maps like NatGeo Trails Illustrated and U.S. Hunting layers.
Available for iOS and Android
Some apps have excellent maps however don’t include any trails on them. AllTrails has one of the greatest trail databases online. It automatically displays you all the trails around you for quick adventures. Other users can leave comments on each of the routes, letting you know what it’s in fact like. Is it going to be an easy jaunt around the lake or a suffer-fest of steep hills?

Maps are downloadable with the ad-free Pro edition that costs simply $30 according to year.
Available for iOS and Android
Most GPS apps give you a map and some tracking tools on the other hand hardly do they let you log and listing your adventure as you move.

Ramblr is more of an adventuring journaling app. Maps are downloadable for navigation offline. Take pictures, record video and audio, and classification out stories throughout your journey. Everything is positioned onto the map as you move.

Once you’re done, easily percentage to Facebook and Twitter so others can experience your epic adventures too.
Maps 3D Pro
Maps can be difficult to decipher when you’re browsing up at the mountains and down at a two-dimensional drawing for wherein you are. Maps 3D Pro shows the whole thing in three dimensions so it’s handy to cross to that hills are hills and mountains are mountains. The app tracks all your stats from the hike and can also be used in 2D mode. An in-app purchase is required for offline maps and an alternative for an additional map package.
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